Drawing Your Own Path

Since publishing "Drawing Your Own Path : 33 Practices at the Crossroads of Art and Meditation" with Parallax Press in 2016, John Simon has begun organizing a community of creative contemplatives; people interested in exploring Art and Meditation. For this community podcast, he is recording discussions and interviews with contemporary artists and contemplatives about their personal experiences and lessons from their practices. Enjoy!

Episode 20 : Michael Rees


Michael Rees and I are friends from the early digital art days in NYC. He is an innovator in the integration of technology and sculpture experimenting with robotic marble carving, 3D modeling of inflatables, and AR activated imagery.

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Episode 19 : John F Simon Jr


After interviewing Deborah J Haynes in episode #17 the conversation hasn't stopped! In this episode the tables are turned and Deborah interviews me. We delve deeply into studio practice and the source of creativity.

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Episode 18 : Olivia Gatwood


Poet, performer, and author of "New American Best Friend," Olivia Gatwood joins me for a discussion of poets on the road and the storytelling sources of her creativity. Find out more about Olivia Gatwood at oliviagatwood.com

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Episode 17 : Deborah Haynes


Deborah J Haynes is a giant whose shoulders I stand on! Her experience and practice as a creative contemplative inspire me and show me the way to a deeply integrated and engaged studio. https://deborahjhaynes.com/

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