Drawing Your Own Path

Since publishing "Drawing Your Own Path : 33 Practices at the Crossroads of Art and Meditation" with Parallax Press in 2016, John Simon has begun organizing a community of creative contemplatives; people interested in exploring Art and Meditation. For this community podcast, he is recording discussions and interviews with contemporary artists and contemplatives about their personal experiences and lessons from their practices. Enjoy!

Episode 16 : Donna Mikkelsen



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Donna Mikkelsen is an artist and educator living in Beacon, NY. She has been exploring ambidextrous drawing for over 25 years, developing her own unique style and turing her passion into a daily practice of drawing meditation. She has developed AMBIARTS, a practice of group symmetry drawing, into workshops for all ages.


Donna and I talk about drawing simultaneously with both hands, the healing power of daily practice, dance and intentional movement, and the experience of teaching ambi drawing to groups. 


More about Donna here: https://www.ambiarts.net/

 and follow her active Instagram feed at:


to see videos of her creating ambi drawings 

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