10.1.2011 Our integrated hero, man of many, ego, id and subconscious, higher mind, spirit, soul, father, brother, son, friend, celebrity, fool, public persona and private citizen, nobody, programmer, artist, charmer, volunteer, sympathizer, curmudgeon, activist, confessor, man in need, consumer, producer, in service and user, player, driver, driven, and the sum of all these things and all the relationships amongst all these things and many, many more.

You recognize him, don't you? This complex confluence of consciousness? He is trying to pull it together and operate as one being in the outside world. Trying to pull off a balancing act and appear to be a straight law abiding citizen in a made for TV movie about families and houses and cars and schools in a play about money and love and birth and death. And he finds a way to do it, a way to stand, everyone finds a way, to collect all the parts and appear inwardly and outwardly whole.
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