10.22.2011 Meeting your maker. The programmer looks at the CEO and wonders how much shit he's going to get for messing with the phylogon engine. Hell, for even knowing it exists. Deep shit. No one is going to be happy about this.

Time to get started. The programmer raises his head and meets the gaze of the CEO. Instantly he is looking at himself through the CEO's eyes. He sees his own unshaved face, his disheveled clothes, his rounded shoulders, and his cap. He begins to share the CEO's thoughts. He remembers when the programmer walked into his office moments ago; his excitement in meeting this bold trespasser. He remembers the smooth drive to work in his new BMW and the satisfaction of always finding his parking space open. He thinks about his dinner reservation in the valley for this evening and the woman he is anxious to dine with. He reaches out and touches the programmer on the forearm and the slumping figure jumps. He feels a tap on his own forearm. The programmer's head snaps up and the CEO leans back in his chair.

"For my next trick...", the CEO says, sending chills up and down the programmer's spine, "I will join you and then you will join me."

A voice then begins in the programmers head, a nervous dialog, asking him to remember what lead him into the machine room. Then a search of his memory for an answer. He vividly replays the bliss the machine showed him. The bliss is naturally directed into gratitude for the company and the fantastic machine he found. He hopes he can always work for this company. He feels content.

The CEO asks if he will consider a full time position. The programmer smiles and nods. He sees the harlequin in the CEO's eyes.

The deal being done, the CEO brings the programmer gently inside his own thoughts again and begins to teach him about the phylogons.
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