10.25.2011 Baying at the moon. The programmer snaps back to attention in his chair, takes a moment to gather himself, looks up, and asks, "If that catfish and his essence were just illusions, then will you please tell me where we are now?"

The CEO replies, "We are in a different phylogon. This conversation, the room, the chairs, even our thoughts, are all the same kind of illusion, everything is contained in a phylogon. If we can name it, then it belongs in the frame."

"And what we call being awake...?"

"Is just our attention streaming along the flow of phylogons."

"But why does us sitting in your office and me calling myself a programmer seem like what is 'normal'? Why does this place seem like what is real?"

"What you are noticing is important. Try to amplify and study that sense of presence. You will see that you have the same feeling in every place you wake up. You always believe that where you are awake is real. You really became a catfish, didn't you? Wasn't that pond your home?"

The programmer falls silent remembering his peaceful existence in the mud. Is this conversation just a dream of that catfish. "But how can I become another living thing just by entering a frame?" he asks.

"How do you know who you are when you wake up in the morning? All creatures know by instinct how to exist. The animal you enter has memories stored in its cells. When thoughts arise, the brain tells you stories about who you are and what to do."
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