10.31.2011 It turns out that our hero, with his programming skills, is actually very well suited to phylogon creation. He really understands how to sequence phylogons for continual fascination. His inventive geometry directs experiences in fluid paths. And his mathematical intuition guides him quickly through the fine tuning. What isn't so apparent is that, because of his recent awakening, he has gained access to the infinite through the graces of the harlequin.

After moving in and out of the phylogon engine projections all day, the programmer has elaborate dreams at night. In the morning he embeds the fleeting imagery from the night before into his practice phylogon designs. He does this for convenience, because he needs subject matter for the increasingly challenging tutorial exercises. "Where did the idea for this space come from?" the person who observes him asks. "Just made it up," he shrugs and goes back to work.
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