10.14.2011 Round trip. The inevitable business trip begins. A first class cabin with seats that fold flat. He lies on his back, 38,000 feet in the air, moving 535 miles per hour, and staring at the ceiling. A reverie begins; supplemented with the usual neurotic curlicues. Why does he have to go on this trip? And the programmer begins to compile: preparation of materials, saying good-bye at work, pre-separation anxiety at home, packing, nerves, early wake time, tense transportation, check-in, security, hours at the gate, flight delay, more transportation, check-in, polite dinner, acceptable entertainment, TV until 2 am, wake-up call, breakfast meeting, briefings, upbeat lunch, awkward downtime, big meeting, big presentation, big dinner, handshakes, promises, TV until 2 am, wake-up call, check-out, bleary transportation, check-in, gate, baggage claim, transportation, home late, back to routine. The lights come on and the reverie ends. He is about to land.
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