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October 2008

Relief and recovery day after a big studio visit yesterday (and no time to draw). Things went very well - better than expected. I got a good response and new opportunities - hmmm - haven't I been thinking about opportunity lately?

Today the drawing is almost celebratory - a cycle but almost baroque - layers all swirling together. Still lots of turbulence. And just before it was done I knew I had to shade the center.

It makes me wonder if all the elaborate surroundings are just the way the center space makes itself known?
I got something offbeat today - lots of vortices. Maybe it's the heavy cold winds and rain we've gotten lately signaling a new season or maybe it's the big studio visit tomorrow but something is signaling change. I usually read the vortex as an inflection point.
Reframing - the collapse of the stack looks small now causing a domino effect and finally being framed by a window. The windows of opportunity take over the momentum and what becomes interesting are the shapes and overlaps that one can see through the openings.
Leaving the stacks behind I am seeing windows begin to open. Windows are leading into windows gaining in complexity. Following the regular cycles of manifestation I would expect a new opening to be quickly filled with details and processes. I try to view each iteration as another opportunity to perfect the ratios.
I didn't get what I expected when I sat down to draw today but I suppose that *is* what I expect. If you are mapping the perimeter of mental space you should see new things all the time. This one is unsettling but indicates to me two channels of transformation. I also see and an alternate method of manifesting things. Is this the final shift to the virtual?
Choppy waters, lots of anxiety, the general financial collapse zeitgeist permeates the airwaves. I am somewhat isolated and am picking it up loud and clear. My friends still in NYC tell me it has been pretty tense there as well. I think my spot on reading yesterday was slightly off - it should have read more clearly - not 'the stacks are eroding' but the 'stocks are eroding'. I hope I don't have to wait too long until this phase passes and we get a sunny plateau of optimism to play in.

This drawing seems to tell a story on two planes. The top I see as the immediate - housing collapses, sets off a wave that is unstable, crests, pools and finally starts back up. Wishful thinking? The lower seems to be an intersection scenario of past present and future - mapping a particular flow. I see from the patterns emerges a mark - the kind I made in Mobility Agents - that leads to a house and studio which in turn generate plentiful symbols in a data space.
This drawing caught me by surprise. It came on fast and I almost fought it but I got caught up and my attention was fully absorbed. Good flow. I finished it quickly (so I thought) but actually a lot of time had passed when I finally looked up. I thought the stacks that had reoccurred in my drawings for a year in various states of stability had finally gone away and been replaced by cycles. Not so. It was about an hour after I finished this drawing that I glanced at it and read it like a book - The stacks are eroding.
Seems like all the slogging through the flats on Monday gave me lots of momentum. Drawing yesterday was a dream. The cycles of yesterday seem to have flattened and taken on specific content. Maybe it is all the research on divination that I have been doing for the site but I seem to have been dealt a hand of cards. To me they look like an Earth card partially hidden, a moon, an Icon, a decision card and a cycle.
Yesterday was so typical of a creative practice - I drew junk all day - nothing - tests - bad choices - ugly - and it wasn't until I'd given up on the day at about 11pm that this one flowed out without a thought - that zone is what I want to fill this site with. The loops are back and in force - raging in variation - I wonder what that means for the market this week?
I choose a drawing from Sunday (yesterday) morning. Again the negative space was asserting itself but there seems to be a lot of background activity. In the middle row the negative space asserts itself and breathes in and out on its own. Something is brewing.
The cycles seem to continue today becoming more complex. I clearly see a strong work from the past (Window - 2001) reemerging and a new fascination with the negative space the loop creates. The shape of the negative space seems to want the attention and becomes the positive space of the drawing.
Ever since the sharp market fall (this fall) my tendency has switched from drawing block towers to these arrangements that I call loops. I think they signal change. They may be a subconscious message to remind me about the cyclical nature of everything. My mind may be hoping to relieve my stress and help me enjoy the beautiful autumn colors that surround me in upstate New York.

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