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December 2008

Last night I had a new thought about the window symbol. Besides the whole object as a metaphor for opportunity I have started seeing the inner shape as a representation of time or scale. A window can be understood as multiple simultaneous frames that compose a situation but it can also be seen as a single thread as it sheds possibilities toward a specific conclusion. With these new ideas in mind, today\'s image must be some kind of summary of 2008 viewed from the moment upon moment point of view.

The 'now' is the place where surf meets shore. Today reads like confluence and consolidation. Things are piling up but the energy of the moment is strong. Everything is exactly where it should be.

The island rhythms have taken hold in these in-between days. Time passes back and forth in waves: rest - holiday - rest - holiday - rest. The energy is giving us space. Be grateful and try to take these moments for pressure-free personal reflection.

Concentrated growth is moving toward manifestation. A seed emerges from the imaginal space. Let's give it fertile ground.

In order to study connectedness I look for many layers in things; especially in regularly repeating events. The more psychic energy there is attached to an event the more pronounced the overlaps, e.g. family and holidays yield lots of synchronicities and emotional moments. Two things that stand out this year are signs that change is accelerating and the refreshing feeling that small positive shifts can have.

The top row of the drawing seems to show calendar days flipping along like a movie cliche, "Oh, how time flies!" I think the real meaning appears in the second row where interlocked gridded loops say something about the nonlinearity of our experience, "Haven't I seen this all before?"

The present is filled with possibilities. Phylogons are on display like so many packages to examine - each one forms a separate window. This must be a time of great hope when we collectively choose an image of the future.

Absorption. An island is cradled in the ocean. Complexity grows, knows itself and finally discovers again what surrounds it. New opportunities are born.

The creative juices are flowing. The phylogons are streaming outward from the creative source showing many aspects of a new idea. Some versions of the idea are sure to take. Is this form emerging from collective expectations for the new year (lots of people looking ahead)?

Today a cycle or loop appears and it reminds me of the way I visualize a calendar. This loop looks busy on the outside. Reading left to right I get hard work leading to flow and rebuilding - a good thing to hope for. Even more hopeful is that the interior stays even and calm - a noble goal for the future.

Pretty obvious one today. The four of us are off on a trip to the islands. If the postings are irregular for the next week or two blame it on the waves. Surf's up!

The phylogons are on the move again. Lots of good flow across the top with plenty of frames through which to view the changes. On the bottom the tight bright network is sending off seeds. Let's see what sprouts.

Persistence. This drawing would not go away. It kept grabbing my attention. On top the stacks look healthier but certainly not on a stable base yet...and moving retrograde. Consolidation? The bottom line seems to repeat the nurturing theme - something in the center being shaped and guided by what's around it. Let's hope it develops beautifully.

Work invades life. I saw this imagery I call 'vertigo' or 'shape within shape' in a piece of software in 2000. Since then I have drawn it, cut it and coded it. Today, while working with it in software, a new meaning opened up to me. There is growth in the inner world while the outer world gets ready for winter.

New territory. Once again the drawing seems to show a new set of signs are emerging. The phylogons on the top are my personal symbols - more abstract and in a pile today. Below I see a brighter, larger landmass is unfurling from two islands. I can't wait to know more details of this new map.

Divination is commonly pointed to the future but it can also be directed to reveal timeless knowledge. I think today's drawing is a schematic of cooperation leading to a new entity. Or perhaps the new entity is what gives form to those bringing it into being. Either way it looks like we're in a fertile time.

Sailing right along. I can't help thinking of Paul Klee and the joy of his drawing. I always want to be connected to what I love about drawing. Things are in motion and moving this week - everyone getting it done before we enter the envelope of the holidays. Excitement is in the air.

Real work. Things piling up. The source shows everything is demanding attention and everything is important. Like a cosmic roll of the dice, the things that manage to get focused on this week will persist. It's all on the table right now.

The way the cards are bunching up and flying away in the top section suggests that there will be a lot of consolidation and sorting this week. What stays and what goes?

The bottom section seems to be a seven card layout that I am reading 'business as usual'. If the big picture holds few surprises let's try and appreciate small changes that go our way.

The block is floating on water. It becomes more internally complex, physically larger and still surrounded by ocean. I think the message here is calling attention to the interplay of subtle underlying forces and the structures we build on them. How easily does our attitude shift? How strongly does the block resist?

Saturday is often a day for summary and reflection. This is another three part drawing that I am reading as past, present and future. The tumbling dominoes are still echoing in my past. The present is a kind of bird of hope flying into strong headwind. The formica is the multi-dimensional 'now'. The future looks like a loosely interlocked chain which could represent multiple dependencies or maybe velvet handcuffs? The end is either unformed or broken - maybe this future is still open?

What a week! Looks like Monday's jumble of phylogons has sorted itself out and we are left with a single frame. Is it saying that a year from now there be greener pastures? Or is my timing wrong? I got good news about a sale an hour after this drawing was made following a week of struggles - greener pastures reads correctly there, too. Is this an example of fractal levels in resonance working on two scales? What interests me the most about this drawing is that the inside edge is asserting its character and almost inviting closer examination. Where will that lead? I can't wait to find out.

Since my focus on divination still feels new, I decided to try a more directed exercise. I asked myself to try and make images to represent the state of things in a week, a month and a year from now. This three part drawing emerged. Reading this I'd say that the chaos and uncertainty around us today will be better organized but not completely sorted out in a year. Things look like they are getting brighter and that's hopeful. But even in a month form now there are still some dark spots.

One stack of windows is off balance - its colors are uneven and grow hot. The other stack is balanced, in repose and listening - its colors are warm and more even. Which figure do you identify with? Am I just identifying two steps in a transition?

Things are sorting themselves out. Networks and technology, communication amongst people, and reliance on historical precedent are becoming the dominant cards. Are these the pillars of a new stasis? And, by the way, what supports the cards and allows us to see their changes?

The phylogons are filled with color and variation. Each frame is bursting for attention. Structure continues to build so that there appears to be a collision of competing states of mind. What - or who - will take priority?

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