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January 2009

Complicated plans group many possibilities into a few worldviews. Funny how competing needs seldom fit together well.

Choice amongst many? Overlapping phylogons are showing a variety of colors and shapes. Is there a need to make a choice if we are already in balance? Sit back and watch the show.

Stepping away is surprising when we experience each frame we've encompassed as a complete world. Quiet perspective shows us how concentrated a life we live and how vast the ocean remains.

Further Accumulation. So many detailed and important things are competing for attention that it is impossible to organize the choices. It's time to step away until you know undeniably what to do next.

Snowstorm. Wherever flow encounters resistance things accumulate. What can you learn about yourself from the shape of the pile?

All my drawings today seem to be about dynamic balance. They show stacks that constantly teeter but manage to stand. Is this theme emerging from my ice skating trip yesterday or the tenuous state of the economy? Or from a multi-level vibration that resonates with both?

A positive feedback loop. This energetic structure underlies growth and feeds our self-reflection.

How do you find one? Try thinking of the things you get more of by giving them away.

The phylogons are overlapping and interpenetrating; sharing colors and edges. Our frames are being thrown open and remixed. One warm day is all it takes to remind us of spring.

For years I have drawn this kind of stylized image of an integrated circuit chip. It symbolizes our informational society, global interconnectedness, and the virtual worlds running inside everyone's head. Notice the new wiring between left and right. When the chip appears in a drawing you can bet that something is being reprogrammed.

A greener world? Tightness loosening? Biological flow? Carnival celebration? On whatever level you choose something is awakening and new things are about to begin.

The new pattern has formed. It is made of interlocking shapes and multiple centers that seem alive. I see forces working closely together with good energy.

The day before yesterday in a deep winter contemplation I asked a lot of questions about the phylogons. Today I got my answer. I feel like I am being walked with baby steps along my progress in the divination direction so I will be sure and understand.

The first three phylogons show my complicated boundary studies as they become attempts to find the spiritual in the decorative. The next two reference my experiments using phylogons as frames of representational reality . The final image seems to point to the possibilities of the phylogons in the future. It looks multi-dimensional and I must say I am giddy with excitement to get there. The drawing seems to be showing me, "you made these steps but there are light-years of possibilities to go"

To paraphrase Terence McKenna, I realize that the phylogons are not stranger than I imagine; they are stranger than I *can* imagine.

Today the individual phylogons are more complicated and their pattern is almost aligned. This means that a cycle is about to peak. Is this pre-shock energy from the inauguration of Barak Obama? I know that the quantum waveform must collapse before new possibilities can be considered real - i.e. he must be sworn in before he actually has the power to help anyone. So everyone must feel the buildup of psychic energy anticipating the switch. The harmonious colors make me think the change will be positive.

Looks like even the drawings can't escape the deep cold. A wintry force sweeps across the card to form a cycle and I'm still in the midst of change and uncertainty. I want more details. What is a phylogon exactly? And which part of my life does each one map to? How few or many do I really carry? And how does varying those practices change the inner space?

Things seem to be flowing again and headed towards some kind of culmination or at least a stable node. In the drawing I'm noticing that a color appears where two phylogons overlap. What is it that needs two frames to exist? And why are transitional times the most fertile?

Tipping points. Our brick stack culture and our modified, streamlined nature are both growing top heavy. I have to ask how long they can stand like this and what a stable base would look like.

Cycles. Obviously. I think the cycles are metaphors for how we step back, get organized and look at the big picture during transitions. They are almost illustrations of our to-do lists being shuffled. I am not surprised that I drew cycles because I am slowly releasing a large project and organizing new tasks.

What caught my attention was each cycle's shaded internal area. This space is shaped by how we organize our lives. I wonder "How beautifully can I form this inner area of my cycle?" and the world opens up for me.

Equilibrium of unequal things. It is only when we get in sync with the rythms of what never stops moving do we find relative calm. Try standing just outside the swirling mass to help gauge the spin.

Many times today I had the thought 'open book; including just after I'd sketched the outline of this drawing. As I applied the base colors I assumed it would be blank but I kept working and the pages kept filling up. Informational and decorative, I guess I'm starting to feel at home again.

Sometimes the passing frames are empty and the flow itself is the subject. After I sit for a while observing I'll turn inward and traverse the complexity there.

The day is dominated by jet lag. My eyes are droopy and what little energy I have quickly fades. I try to make the most of my opportunities and take pleasure in familiar forms.

Days pass into days and our memories looking back are colored by the present frame. Early this morning in a hypnogogic state I saw the phylogons nestling to form a timeline where strong feelings formed the outside and more subtle emotions stayed inside.

Today I wanted to distract myself so I set my intention to make marks besides boxes. Curves, I thought, and I immediately drew a circle which became a sphere and then a planet. The sequence of planets quickly progressed and was followed by lines and arrows . When I looked up and started to think about what the whole image might mean I saw it wouldn't take a psychic to read this one. My world today is abuzz with travel energy and tomorrow I fly across many time zones. This drawing showed me clearly that the subconscious has an awareness of the internal state and the symbols to represent it.

Today's drawing evokes multiple readings including one about multiple readings. Are we experiencing some kind of recursive transition? When the phylogons have one window each and are nearly the same in size I think it indicates that all options are equally on the table and it is time to pick a direction. The frames are clearly interdependent but what catches my attention is the strength of the overlaps - those seem to be the spaces worth further exploration.

I am tempted to say that this drawing is simply the result of abundant fresh avocado and tropical flora but a close look across the top row tells me a story about germination and new growth. We all know that in the next few weeks we will start to see the first flowers of the change we voted for last fall. Looking at the bottom row makes me think the interior details of what is coming will be complex. When the bloom is off the rose garden I hope that sweet fruit follows.

Headwind. All processes of manifestation encounter resistance. There is an inevitable testing by the forces to see what is essential. Our language for this includes: occam's razor, trial by fire, weaning out, editing and shakedown cruise. The stack on the left of this drawing fights forward while shedding redundant phylogons. What remains is a history of material and process.

Transfer of energy. As one wave washes out to sea another is there to take it's place. Forget counting the cycles - the answer is one. It only takes a single point of contact in an open mind to trigger a flood of ideas.

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