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Ocober 2009

Six things to practice while drawing:
-Vary your line and pay attention to the change.
-Deliberately relax while making lines and savor the release.
-Watch a line form in as small an increment as you can
-Focus on the benefits of drawing.
-Feel confident in your improvisation.
-Remember how much fun drawing is.

Meeting for coffee, a museum exhibition and a friend's opening. Financial stress, creative struggle and all life's anxieties. What makes each moment special?

The forest's premiere of bold colors removes any doubt about the immediate future.

What river flows steadily through change?

Islands forming. Ideas consolidating. Insulated from the ocean. Incubating layers.

Outside and inside. Leaves, nuts, quantum entanglement and digital control. How connected can one be to the world?

Discovering self in dreams Pointing to not self
Using others to define self Identifying self with things
Explaining self by evolution Seeing self emerge from flow

Slowly autumn. Water drains from the leaves. Shells split open and fall. Sap runs backwards into roots. Heat is conserved. And nature's vector plunges deeper inside to nest in the warm source.

Two responses to the cold: build databases and insulate walls.

An autumn day filled with stirring colors and long shadows.

Flows align. Inner and outer. Creative and family. Material and spiritual. It's a lucky day when all thoughts are headed to the same ocean.

Moments after encountering a new idea.

Tree in autumn. World tree. Infinite cycle. The face of an owl. Thoughts circulating in the brain.

Concealing and revealing. Showing something hides something.

Plateaus or plains. Deposition or erosion. Incised or raised. The river keeps flowing.

Flow completes a circuit. One year ago today I began uploading drawings to this site. Sharing my drawings online happened as a natural extension of my 10 year old practice. The exposure this year has helped me recharge and intensify my drawings and the feedback I receive is tremendous. Like the endless river, may the drawings continue to flow.

The winding road is not an omen of difficulty - more like a map of business as usual.

Rising tide. The circle nears completion. How does the breakthrough occur?

What choice do I have?

Like or dislike? Even the most subtle and delicate things don't escape this constant binary encoding.

Fanciful stacks. Flowing improvisations. Deep daily practice.

Navigating the season. What is our most reliable instrument?

Autumn peaks in record time... or does our worldview regulate change?

Nurture the moments. Refine thoughts. Breathe clean air.

Paths crossing. Dan dropped by unexpectedly just after this drawing was finished. My understanding of the drawing was unresolved when I showed it to him and he immediately read his own recent experiences in the imagery. No denying it was a good clear reading of his weekend trip to NYC. Why was this the drawing made on the day he spontaneously decided to visit? And would he have found his own thread so easily in another drawing? And how easily can anyone else see themselves in it?

Releasing selves. An identity from childhood swirls up. I see how I've defined myself through it. What is it that's not him?

Data parade.

Interstitial who? What mediates consciousness and matter?

Entangled experience. Superposition of moments. Space and time trade places for the afternoon.

Four interlocked frames give structure to a flowing autumn morning.

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