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June 2009

Getting into the swing of it. A new month, a new place, a new season and a new idea.

Rivers, lakes, pools, puddles, rapids, streams, swamps, creeks, waterholes, tarns, reservoirs, springs, trickles, gushers or stagnant ponds. Same water.

One landscape is a planet we see with our eyes, another is an ideal world we imagine and a third is a body created in our minds.

I always question my ability to improvise while keeping my left brain from previewing (and commenting on and labeling) the drawing. It is so reassuring when it works. Today I sat down to draw after three days of manual labor cleaning out the barn I plan to convert to a studio. The first marks I made were boxes, which is a kind of default mark for me and they often appear in the first drawings after a break. "Kind of a setback", I grumbled, but I decided to let it play out and planned to start the 'real' drawing after this 'warmup'. Next thing I knew today's drawing was done. It read like a book when I realized the boxes on the left looked a lot like the scattered pieces of lumber I spent two days taking to the dump. The middle section resembles the more orderly arrangement I have now. If the composition on the right somehow represents the future of the project then I think the new studio will be a very creative place.

Summer breeze. The hot weather is coming and my creative self can't wait. Why is summer such a good time for creative experimentation? When things get hot they expand.

Zucchini Blossom. The real work of summer is well underway and the garden is doing its part. Why is the formula for creating as old as life?

Layers of sun. Longer days. Sitting up late. Accumulating drawings.

A bend in the river. Sometimes we get all the way around to discover a new channel has cut a shorter route.

Fitting the pieces together. Our effort to balance things is also a thing to be balanced. Which of our senses finds the best fit?

Which personal secrets are we willing to reveal to others? And which ones are we willing to reveal to our self?

I used to try to name each moment. Now I just try to enjoy the merge.

For the love of drawing. The art market is placing few demands on me this summer so I have the luxury of stepping back and re-enjoying concepts that I worked with 20 years ago. It is surprising what persists, what continues to have potential and what I am still passionate about.

Uncertain futures cause stormy sees.

Deluge. It was a bright and sunny morning followed by a sudden rainstorm around noon. Sunny again by late afternoon and then a heavy thunderstorm during dinner. The day ended with a rainbow and a beautifully clear sunset.

Turning point. The trend of days getting longer is about to reverse. A solstice is an easy place to recognize change on a planetary scale.

A flower, a rainy wind, a fence overgrown with pea plants and the expansive feeling of summer.

Further expansion. My son noticed how his inflatable toy seemed to get firmer when he left it in the sun. I discussed with him how and why air expands when it gets warmer. Then I realized that the same property could be seen in my creative work, my studio space and my inner life. But what is it that is expanding?

Change of seasons.

Interacting systems. Through three weeks of constant rain I have gained first hand knowledge of how drainage and architecture are connected.

Summer cycles. The market rethinks a recent advance, sun and rain interlock hourly, heat blooms into serious vegetables and art pivots gently from inside to out.

The map is not the territory. Where does art lie?

Blooming. Delicately open to the world. Specific needs and aspirations. Limited by time.

Tangible spirit. Time is a living thing or maybe we know things are alive because they change. Can't stop the lettuce patch.

In suspension and going with the flow. Visits by good friends and family make for fluid days and improvised schedules. I can relax into the in-between knowing new patterns form when things settle.

The way things fit together. Your plan, your path and a quiet moment at the end of the day.

Overflow. Growth seems to take forever until one day small is big, plans go into action and rehearsal is over.

Creative life, structure, foundation and flow.

What is a divination drawing? Home Collect your own divination drawing