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July 2009

Which sense do we use when we are sensitive to others?

Day rolls into night. Thoughts overlap.

Deep reserves. Hidden source. Subsurface rivers changing course.

Describing the createton [ a fundamental particle of creativity. ]

When is a blind spot a bright spot?

The bear market rally is wilting but the daisies that grow in the shade near the barn have made it into the summer and are looking for a few more days in the sun.

Propagation of uncertainty. Small irregularities in measurement and materials are amplified over distance, repetition and time.

Sunshine and storms. Clouds pass. Waking and sleeping. Clarity lasts.

Twists and turns. Unmet expectations.
Things work out surprisingly well.

Inside and outside. The circuitry is blending in and out extremely well these days. Energies are getting realigned.

Lazy, hazy, crazy daze of summer.

The sound of the wind in the trees here. The shape of the meadow.

Resisting the world. Trying not to listen.

The plan. Drainage. Floor. Sheetrock, windows, door. Art.

Brainstorm. My drawing practice often involves sitting quietly and trying to intensify fleeting sensations. These states of mind seem to have more dimensions than I can simultaneously grasp. Making the marks on paper flattens the experience into a picture. Some marks diagram geometry while some describe change. The drawing is the code. Looking at the drawing reanimates the vision.

The fullness of summer. Easing through overgrown days. Purposefully engaging the environment.

Set patterns break up. New cycles are beginning. What remains persistent?

Square one. My first sketches of the day are often of stacks of cubes. A default mode? A basic sign? Or maybe a familiar home from which to build tension before launching back into the unknown?

Ideas in bloom. Neurons fire and thoughts are organized but feedback comes from making.

Days drifting by, sharing color, overlapping, one inside the other.

Reflecting the world. How do our senses shape the mind's improvisations? And how does the mind shape the senses?

Pollination. Going to seed. Reaching out in all directions. Hoping something takes.

1. Draw a row of thin vertical rectangles.
2. Look at the sky before painting each rectangle.

"To stand despite all possibilities to fall!" -Paul Klee

Pandora's garden. We've had so much rain that we can't rein in the cucumbers, zucchini, squash, green beans, watermelon and pumpkins that are crawling all around and covering the ground. Every leaf we turn over holds a new surprise.

Rivers and flow. Mulling over the river symbol I started wondering how to read the area where the frames overlap. I decided it represents a discontinuity in the flow; such as when a thought changes. I was also reminded that although I think of these frames of the river as separate shifting moments, the entire river is actually a single thing spanning the distance from source to ocean.

Flow continues. Looks like I'm still learning to interpret the river frames. Yesterday I assumed they always represented a progression of moments experienced in time. But the way this set is oriented, almost like a hand of cards, gives me the idea that today's frames represent an array of alternatives. The flow you enter may depend on which frame you pick.

Resonant flow along parallel paths. Three free frames asserting their individuality share a moment of color harmony. One river flows through all of them. Instead of experiencing one frame, why not all at once?

Multiple paths through multiple worlds. How many thoughts do you hold in your mind simultaneously?

What is a divination drawing? Home Collect your own divination drawing