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March 2016

Lights, camera, action. A film crew, documenting artists included in a show next fall celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Computer Art Department at SVA, interviewed me as I was making this drawing.

Where is the difference between a person meditating in a chair and a person sitting in a chair?

Something about words
and definite meanings
limiting my writing.

Words are defined,
definite, de-finite,
right there, see? Finite!

Whereas a line,
don't get me started,
goes on forever,

Simultaneous contouring,
inside and outside,
shadow and form.





The stars that sing in the sky

Yesterday evening, just after dusk, walking to the studio and hearing a few chirps from way back in the swamp, I paused to listen closely. The faint but rhythmic noise, I most happily concluded, was coming from a small chorus of peepers, the frogs whose appearance marks the beginning of spring. Tonight, as I arrived at the studio to upload this drawing, my hopes for winter's early end were rewarded with a resounding symphony of peeps.


Okay, here's a super strange thing about improvisational drawing: sometimes it really can divine hidden feelings and thoughts.

I drew this morning - improvising - letting whatever suggested itself emerge - not judging or guiding - mindful but free - and the drawing you see above - the light pencil shading - is all I got - shit - I stood up after a short time and knew it was done - I wanted to draw more but there was nothing coming up - done! - frustrated I walked away - angry at my short attention span - my distraction - this stupid simple minimal shadow - who cares? not exciting! Wish my drawing was more engaging, and on and on the rumbles went -

Back to my computer, taking care of emails and uploads that were due - I tried to do some editing - I walked outside - the air was unusually warm, refreshing, I relaxed, took a deep breath - happy for the early spring weather - and in that slight decompression - that space between moments - two images crossed my mind simultaneously intertwined.

The first image was a summary diagram of my work situation - you see, I am almost finished a whole slew of obligations and after having my creative freedom narrowly restricted by deadlines, I am about to pass into a more expansive time, soon to be free to give attention to larger art works.

The second image was a visualization of meditative practice being hotly discussed online - an hourglass model - that describes the path of meditation, starting broadly then gradually the practice deepens, attention more focused, until some insight broadens practice back into life.

I returned to the studio and immediately recognized in my drawing a simple but clear diagram of my two main subconscious upwellings - an hourglass and narrow passage.

"Ah-ha," I said, "I see what's on my mind."







When I scan a new drawing to share each day and see the digital image on the screen ready to upload, a word or phrase frequently pops up in my mind - a title, summary, or jokey catchphrase - but I don't use it. I wait for a different kind of reflection, a self-aware writing, a mindful voice calling attention to the process, working alongside the visual image, not descriptively, but as a simultaneous resonant thread, its own note in the chord, a sinuous verbal line flowering all on its own.


Sensing without a censor






On the road, drawing a lot, posting daily pics from an iphone, and crossing paths with George Ohr


Gathered to celebrate my mom's birthday!


Last minute posting at Gate 85 before the red eye from SFO.


The world gets bent out of shape and the demons fly but it's just a drawing after all.