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February 2017

A vessel made of solid light

Imminent fissure



What's a grecian urn?


Precious bubble, how lucky to live inside.

The weight of the atmosphere

Shoveled, made a drawing, read, and played with my daughter in the snow, about a foot deep; cold and windy now.


Rising tide

I realized that the feeling
of being a ship tossed about
on a shifting ocean
was the way waves felt.


First reading - Physical: Graphite on a white card - marks are in the center. Some clear curvilinear lines and lots of smoothed shading at top and edges of the figure. White spaces surrounded by graphite.

Second reading - Feelings: I feel comfort, closeness, amusement, curiosity, and a general lift. I feel comfortable looking at this and it does not call me to change it.

Third reading - Story: Obviously a clay pot of some sort. I see a primitive decorative item that has a purpose, is beautiful, but also fragile. This is an item that reflects a culture, a decision about how to live, a technology for its making, and a valuable item that must be protected to exist.

Fourth reading - Larger Symbol: I see this vessel representing the growing online community I am facilitating around 'Drawing Your Own Path' and that forming the community is creating a vessel. The vessels that are appearing in drawing after drawing for the last several weeks are my unconscious mind asking me to focus on the community, to create a home to foster creative expression for many people.


Voice as vessel


Symbols that persist for months in my daily drawings become the subject of stories when I attempt to discern their meanings. In my experience, after important symbols appear, grow, and vary, they only decide to leave after I gain a new perspective - usually involving some aspect of the impermanence of my self.

Late last year images like the one above begin to appear - resembling vessels, atolls, bent landscapes, and other variations of the theme. When I tried to interpret a message in them, I saw 'consciousness contracting' making this a self-reflective symbol about the very act of making meaning.

If consciousness is an unbroken continuum, then isn't any 'thing' in the world is just some bunched up part of that continuum?

When I meditate, I open my heart and mind without losing a sense of my surroundings. These recent drawings are diagrams of that dynamic balance between attention and peripheral awareness. They are asking me to rest in awareness at the boundary between inward and outward focus, to work on my own self knowledge, and for the benefit of others in the world.

After writing about bunched up continuum two days ago, I got an email from my dear friend Earl Davis reminding me of David Bohm's description of particles as ‘regions of condensed field’.

Encouraged by Bohm's idea, I tried to further elaborate how this new set of persistent images points me to that condensed region, not to explain the physics, but to be present at that boundary, to sit all at once between the unrealized and matter - between thought in mind and awareness - between being and doing, and try to suss out resonant chords, discovering the harmonies in that simultaneity.

Rainstorm, watershed, aquifer, lake

A taste of spring in winter


Infinite introspection

Who says color is all in your head?

From a neutrino's POV, the Earth appearing transparent, layers open to electromagnetic radiation, sending and receiving enabled by human engineering, our stem cell of a planet functions like an eye.