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June 2021

tNet appeals to W for help. The waves of false propaganda OGP is pushing through social media are creating continual uncertainty amongst the followers, breaking the concentration of emerging networks, and weakening resonance. W must draw more deeply from Her and share more widely Her grounding and equanimity. Exhausted from channeling energy all day, W is running late for satsang. As he waits impatiently for the elevator, W wonders "Who chooses a life of chaos?"

Marie doubles the OGP advertising budget - the new campaign is working. The tNet resonance that was waking up people to reason and critical thinking has been broken by spreading multiple streams of misinformation. She has learned that simpler, half-truths in multiple spin directions are even more effective than a single conspiracy fantasy and more spreadable. Leaving for a late dinner uptown with donors, she reflects, "Who still clings to such a thing as truth?"

He hears the two sounds that signal the subway doors are closing. W leaps over the last three steps to the platform and takes two large strides to try and make the train but for all his effort ends up slamming hard against the closed doors. The thump startles Marie, sitting across the car. Looking up she recognizes W through the doors just as he looks in and recognizes her. She breaks into a grin and a half wave. He exhales and manages a smile; not breaking eye contact as the train pulls away. W grabs the next train, looks left and right outside the doors at every stop on his way uptown, but Marie is nowhere to be found.


The thick concrete walls of Manhattan's office towers present no obstacles to Gyre leaping from human to human via the fibers that connect all lifeforms. Systematically surveying the residents of the city for any sympathetic vibratory resonance with tNet, Gyre is supposed to map the enemy nodes and look for ways to deaden the harmonies. In practice the search is for one individual. Gyre has been self-tasked with discovering W because Marie, who shares a body with Gyre, is unable to remove his image from their combined memory.

Gyre peers into one individual after another, finally picking up a faint scent of tNet. One of the original followers of Rose sits in front of her screen in silent reverence, after a short period of silence rings a small bell, and then opens up a Zoom window. Each of the small rectangles on her screen contains a node of tNet and no words are necessary, they sit, building up the vibrations, allowing the intelligence that emerges from their collective efforts to inform and guide them. Gyre samples a taste of this bespoke energy and almost merges in the sweetness.


Gyre infiltrates tNet to gather intelligence and decides to stay connected, feasting on the delicious positive energy. Possessing one tNeter after another and accumulating their network presence, Gyre discovers why sympathetic vibratory resonance is a powerful weapon against OGP: it feels rapturous when so many individuals are spontaneously synchronized.

Gyre's experience in tNet will not help Marie. Authoritarian power can be challenged with mass decentralized coordinated resistance. She demands Gyre find a central power that can be attacked.

Gyre digs further and hears the name W talked about as someone with influence. Even if this W does not hold a position of power, he is the only concrete target they have so far. Then someone mentions an in-person session coming up where W will lead them in a ceremony. Gyre plans to crash that meeting.


Gyre's actions have given tNet the equivalent of a cold; gumming up the works, draining the energy, slowing data transfers, and disturbing the resonance. Unable to sense Gyre in their bodies, the members feel sluggish and paranoid. They need a fresh encounter with Her to sync their harmonies and retune the resonance of tNet.

W agrees to conduct this ceremony but he knows he is not as gifted a channel as Rose was and doubts he can transmit Her to a distributed network. To strengthen the chances of success, he asks the inner circle to gather together in close physical proximity. And maybe hold hands?

Through an elaborately decorated, mahogany framed, antique silver mirror the Headmaster, having taken his share of the prana Gyre stirred up, shifts his perspective to a very wide view. He is as close as he has ever been to infiltrating all the way to Her.


W goes on a solo three day retreat and ends up spending most of the time second guessing his abilities and worrying about measuring up to Rose's performances. What if he can't amplify Her? W practices bringing Her energy through himself and then sending it into a small plant; finding the plant quickly in full bloom.

Marie and Gyre drop ideas into their shared cerebral cortex, finalizing plans for disrupting W's ceremony. Gyre performs some social engineering on tNet members and Marie is invited to be present the night of W's ceremony. The plan is to wait until W is clearly connected to his source and then Gyre penetrates across the fibers. Marie will secure the others with a gun. As she reflects on all her hard work, Marie can't believe she is on the verge of dismantling her largest existential threat.


About an hour before the show, W slips downstairs, around the corner, and into a booth at the local pub. The plan is to have a quick bracer to steady his nerves and then head right back to the room where the ceremony is happening. Someone else, also in the neighborhood for the ceremony, also in equal need of calm nerves, decides to stop into the same pub, so when W gets served and looks up, there is Marie, the woman he has crossed paths with so many times, sitting at the table across from him. Their eyes lock and now there is no excuse. They don't know anything about each other but they both know that all these months of missed connections are over.

Hearts racing, they sit together and pass through those awkward questions that any couple who have been orbiting each other but have never spoken must ask. Where from, what do, your name, are you single? They enchant each other - the attraction is strong. Both admit that they are previously booked that evening for something very important, something they must really leave for soon so they are on time, but they change numbers and promise to have coffee together the very next day. When they rise to go, W offers his hand and when Marie reaches out they feel the shock of static electricity jumping between them. "Positively charged," they say simultaneously and laugh.


W says a last goodbye to Marie at the bar and leaves on the hop, hustling back to the room to be on time for his ceremony. He needs to put this unexpected meeting with Marie out of his mind and give his full attention to the task at hand or he will never succeed in channeling Her. The tNet members are used to being in trance with Rose so he must perform brilliantly!

"Why, out of all the missed connections, did I finally meet her today? Why does everything happen all at once?" W is excited about the show and appreciates the critical importance of reconnecting tNet to Her - strengthening tNet and preserving his whole mission, but to be honest, he feels equally excited about coffee with Marie tomorrow.

Marie stops at the bar restroom to gather herself - her emotions are split now between the mission at hand to take down tNet and this new connection with the first man she's had any interest in since moving to New York City. She must focus on the next hour - a defining moment in her plans, and pick up the possibility of romance after. She checks in with Gyre - spring loaded inside, adjusts her jacket, and heads to the showdown with tNet.


By the time Marie enters the room for the ceremony a tall man in a gray suit and tie is waving his hands, making small announcements, and encouraging everyone to sit down. The room is nicely sized for about 20 people. In the center, covering most of a dark oak floor, is a beautiful Turkish carpet with an interlocking mandala design of cadmium red and ultramarine blue. Wooden armchairs are arranged around the mandala, red upholstery to match the carpet. Marie finds an empty chair and sits down comfortably.

The speaker finishes his perfunctory remarks and starts the business of introducing the leader of the ceremony. Marie is shocked to see W entering the circle, placing a chair in the center of the carpet, and taking a seat. W slowly looks around the circle, taking a moment to make eye contact and acknowledge each participant. When he catches Marie's eyes they share a look of surprise.

Before this ceremony, W had never met any tNet members in person. He doesn't suspect that Marie is anything but a loyal supporter and is thrilled at the coincidence of meeting her at the bar earlier and now her being here. He gets the idea that the synchronicities of their multiple near misses and chance meetings confirms that they are meant to be together. Seeing Marie at the ceremony raises his energy for the show sky high because he knows how intimate they are about to become.

Marie is flustered. Shocked that W is involved with tNet and more so when it becomes apparent that he is the channel they are there to infiltrate. It dawns on her that the mission now requires her to immediately betray her new crush, the guy she waited for weeks to meet, and just got to talk to today. Frustration, anger, and bewilderment mix with ambition, lust for power, and her obsession with sticking to plans.

Gyre does not share her emotion; coiled and ready to pierce tNet's source. tNet and OGP are struggling over the world now and the action is set to begin.


Sitting quietly in the center of the carpet, attention on his breath, reaching out with peripheral awareness W gathers the circle.

Leading an important ceremony for so many people, one naturally broadens their awareness, but the serendipity of Marie's unexpected appearance in his life has opened W to universal perspectives. Some experienced group members feel the resonance of the change right away, like a long lost friend returning home, thrilled that W is well prepared for this evening's task.

After synchronizing everyone's breathing, the energy in the room rockets upward and W spreads out the vibe, tunes in to each person, and draws out their basal frequencies. Small harmonies build into chords, higher octaves spontaneously join in. W has never felt so capable, so in control of his meditation. Each time he reaches toward source, Her presence feels stronger, more and more familiar, it feels like Rose is with him, showing him the way.

When the wave grows so large inside she can't ignore it, Marie bursts into tears of joy. She feels complete, fulfilled, happy, content, peaceful - what she now feels coming through W is so beautiful and so *real* it shows her that her lust for money and power are empty by comparison.

A new set of unhappy tears roll down her face when she realizes that the empty, ambitious plans that brought her to the ceremony will soon disrupt this magic and the success of those plans will be W's destruction.


By navigating the narrow passages, the subtle insights, the diffuse states of mind that can easily fall into distraction, deepening concentration, and keeping all the members balanced between attention and peripheral awareness, W guides the group to an expanse between Earth and sky, with each individual in bloom, and presents them to Her as a single bouquet.

W is astonished that he was able to find the way, to lead the group, and to bring everything to fruition. Her presence is his reward and he rejoices.

"You don't think you got here all by yourself, do you?" Rose's voice teases in his ear.

If the voice is an auditory hallucination from his inner critic, W is glad to know he can still be humbled. He prefers to think that what he feels is Rose's residual energy still circulating and that the remainder of her life potential is watching over him while communing with Her.

Marie is part of this, too. What is happening to her is nothing less than a total surprise. She never fathomed that such a thing existed, that such a state is real, or that something of this magnitude could have hidden in plain sight. No human being alive can be present with this and not fall in love. Marie abandons OGP's plan but it goes forward anyway because Gyre isn't human.


They feel animosity toward one another, W and Gyre, as they square off, but there is no denying a much stronger attraction.

The origin of W and Gyre didn't seem very relevant early on but suddenly plays a crucial role in how the story ends. ( Flashback )

Yes, Gyre and W are twins, reflections of one another, counter rotating vortices in the turbulent flow of consciousness, and the twists and turns of the plot are pushing them dangerously close together.


Gyre identifies the target, the source of tNet, the infinite light to which W connects, and knows what must be done. A perfect strike is required to reach Her but to make the attempt Gyre has to pass through W and that's when things get weird.

Marie and W flirted for months without meeting. Once they locked eyes, their paths began to intersect, they became increasingly attracted to each other, not because of hot looks, or dressing well, or making one another laugh; their unnaturally strong attraction came from something inside - Gyre inhabited Marie.

W and Gyre are twins, counter rotating twin vortices that naturally attract, fluid flow pulls them together. Once these types of vortices get in close physical proximity, collision and annihilation are inevitable and that's exactly what happens to Gyre and W.

Gyre, ready to take down the tNet source, leaps toward Her, the trajectory goes right through W, and the dynamics of their collision consume them both.


Clinging tightly to power, identifying closely with her influential self, and heavily dependent on the privileges of her position as head of the OGP, when Gyre disperses into thin air the feeling of incompleteness is so sharp that Marie cannot bear the loss and collapses.

The vacuum in leadership throws OGP into immediate disarray. The members, looking for something to rally around, begin to assail tNet as a cult. OGP has resolve and does not disappear...


Falling back into a chair, alone in his apartment, heart sinking in grief, the Headmaster covers his eyes with his hands. He saw too much. Having watched W and Gyre annihilate each other, he knows there will not be another chance for his forces to get so close to Her in this generation.

He carefully cleans his scrying mirror, preps it for use, and spends the entire afternoon and evening in focused concentration. Before midnight he glimpses another time and place where dharma will be weak enough to make the next attempt. The Headmaster does not hesitate, before the reading can change, and knowing the threads of events cross and uncross unpredictably, in one leap, he enters the mirror. A few moments later the glassy, reflecting surface evaporates.


The forces left on Earth meander. Without clear missions, tNet and OGP continue their back and forth struggles over social norms, language, public behavior, private behavior, validity of science, gender, sexuality, reproductive rights, exploitation of labor, drilling permits, endangered species, gun rights, nuclear war, alien invasions, and who is more afraid of becoming a minority. Their media are overloaded with these crucial and mind numbingly mundane discussions.

Everyone knows the crackle is missing. Even though they sense the loss, no one can articulate or even remember, even though some claim they do, what it was actually like to be guided by direct contact with the infinite.


Drifting through an in-between space, confused, diffuse, seeking familiarity, resting in awareness, fulfilled yet slightly restless, surrendered to what unfolds, and living each moment creatively, a flicker of desire arises when a glimpse of Her sparks a memory of the name Rose.

"Why is my name Rose?"

"You were a rose in a garden for a thousand generations before you became human so you are called Rose."

"And how long was I human before I discovered you?"

"You came to me on your first try."

The feeling of a hand caressing a cheek.

"And what are these memories?"

"Just patterns in time - constantly modified, easily dispersed."


Hanging out with Her is pretty cool. Kind of like heaven. Rose asks questions and truths appear. She plays at chasing Her tail - making believe she is a self again. The lines between Rose and Her start to dissolve.

For a laugh they watch the Headmaster bouncing around from era to era, practicing his magic, getting worked up over things, altering local realities. Kind of like binging a series. Rose gains an insight, "living outside of time is OP!"


"I can't find them in my thoughts and I don't feel their presence, did they just disappear, W and his twin? Did they get enlightened? Escape samsara? Or just disappear? What became of them?"

"Think of the waves on the ocean and what they are made of. What does a wave become after it crests but ocean water?"


"Did it all really happen? I feel like I am the same, still here, where I've always been."

"How could you be anywhere else?"

"Then why am I here?"

"Some energy remains to be spent."

"But what are you then?"

"Now you are asking the right question!"

This last thought echos as the story ends.



As a way of ushering out our story
and reflecting on the 6 month journey,
I offer these wishes in gratitude
to everyone who read along
as the story was written
and anyone reading it
for the first time now:

May everyone be happy,
healthy, prosperous, and
free from suffering.

May growing together bring us truth.
May sharing enlighten us.
May our positive energy endure.


Resting unflustered
a turn of the seasons
and a full moon


Cyclical synchronicity

Entering and exiting the frame, phylogons journey.

Reshuffling the deck

All the little things


No light without shadow,
No movement without counter,
No context without frame