1.23.2013 Deep in sleep on the coldest night of the year, I visited a warm valley whose walls curled around me; and through which an idle stream meandered until disappearing sharply from sight. In the distance I recognized the roar of an enormous waterfall.

I went to the edge of the valley (which looked to me like the end of flat Earth) because I wanted to see how a quiet stream became a raging torrent.

I did not find a smooth boundary from slow to fast when I got near the waterfall. I found a distinct zone of change, a third kind of flow pattern altogether; a thing in itself.

I took a break, and sat quietly in this transition zone, saying to myself, 'I believe I found a new thing because I think parts of a river can be separated from each other. I try to classify each part because I believe I am a separate 'someone' who discovered them.'

The valley curled more tightly inside me and I woke up.
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