I'm reaching deeper in my winter retreat,
there are signs of spring but more cold is coming.
My writing is taking a technical turn.
I haven't theorized in a while and I
think the geekiness is a sign that my maps are
growing and new terrain lies ahead.
I apologize if it gets obscure and hopefully
the rough road won't last too long.

Settling the mind and getting in tune
with the natural state cannot be
hurried but with a little patience and
not much expectation, the door opens.

This morning while I was sitting quietly,
the harlequin whispered in my ear.
He pointed out to me a new way to view the phylogons.

My initial understanding of the phylogons came
from Philip K Dick's explanation:
phylogons are moments in time, arrayed like a
filmstrip, and whose movements create the simulation
of change. This is how the physical world is animated.
According to this model, I see the world everyday from
a point of view that is inside the stream of phylogons
and this experience happens in space and time.

Now the harlequin is introducing an alternative reading,
instead of the fundamental granularity being spatial and
temporal, he says I can understand a phylogon as an
envelope for 'what arises', that the fundamental unit is 'what is'.

The phylogon can be seen as a boundary for the arising of thoughts,
emotions, and mind, as well as openness, awareness and
dependent combinations.

When I line up and animate this view like a filmstrip,
the movie is not temporal and 3D. It is the
experience of passing through each arising moment, the
experience of being mindful in the everyday world.

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