It's just about time to untangle the story of "Hurrying",
my first successful work of art, painted in Mrs. Powell's
kindergarden class at age 5.

In keeping with what I have learned about memory retrieval, I am going to unpack the story slowly over a few days and from a few angles. I don't have much to say about the artistic aspects of what is clearly a child's painting, but the experience of making and showing this piece was eye opening. I have given the work considerable thought over the years; especially in light of my choice to be an artist. What stands out for me are the lessons I learned in understanding my self and my relationship to the things I make; although I still enjoy just looking at the piece and think, as an artwork, that it holds up well.

"Hurrying" (1968) was made with tempra paint on newsprint, using only the colors yellow and purple, and is approx. 30" X 22". It hangs on my parents bedroom wall in a thin yellow frame and white matte. It has appeared in two exhibitions, one in 1969 and the other in 2005; both venues were in my hometown.

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