9.28.2014 Saturday morning, completely absorbed, sunshine and blue sky turning unexpectedly stormy, sheets of rain on the bedroom window, keeping to my table, justified in staying put, I indulged myself in the lavish practice of dissolving Schmincke extra-soft artists' pastels into water I pooled on the maps; never suspecting how privileged an undertaking but only concerning myself with the density of the pigment and how pronounced I left the lines.

In seeing my concern with articulated lines, a teacher once directed me to study van Gogh's pen and ink drawings of flowers and gardens, knowing I would notice how his marks were both descriptions of the visual and maps of the physical space. I'm sure that somewhere in this three day experiment those observations came back to me and my diagrammatic compositional style was born. I felt van Gogh's affinity for mapping the natural order of the french countryside and used this to guide the mapping my own interior spaces.

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