9.29.2014 The rest of that rainy Saturday was spent developing ideas about diagrammatic composition; noting that a map was readable both informationally and pictorially. I wanted drawings that were self-conscious of both. It was a slog to keep inventing visual devices because most didn't work well but I managed to stick with it all afternoon.

For dinner I got sushi delivered from Enka, the greatest sushi bar ever. I loved sitting for hours at their tall bar, eating agedashi tofu, drinking sake and watching the Yankee game and the fact that I stayed home from Enka that Saturday night to draw should tell you right there how serious I was about this studio lockup exercise.

After sushi, I hacked with the pastels and thought over the diagrammatic logic. I found myself in the familiar spot of having great justifications for the work but no release; something was still missing. Suddenly it was midnight and I crashed.

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