2.14.2017 First reading - Physical: Graphite on a white card - marks are in the center. Some clear curvilinear lines and lots of smoothed shading at top and edges of the figure. White spaces surrounded by graphite.

Second reading - Feelings: I feel comfort, closeness, amusement, curiosity, and a general lift. I feel comfortable looking at this and it does not call me to change it.

Third reading - Story: Obviously a clay pot of some sort. I see a primitive decorative item that has a purpose, is beautiful, but also fragile. This is an item that reflects a culture, a decision about how to live, a technology for its making, and a valuable item that must be protected to exist.

Fourth reading - Larger Symbol: I see this vessel representing the growing online community I am facilitating around 'Drawing Your Own Path' and that forming the community is creating a vessel. The vessels that are appearing in drawing after drawing for the last several weeks are my unconscious mind asking me to focus on the community, to create a home to foster creative expression for many people.
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