Even the mightiest waves relinquish power after reaching the shore, their water returning to the ocean. When W's life as a mayfly is over, the same return takes place - true nature returns to a vast ocean. W's mayfly mind, filled with experiences and memories, does not stay intact, ready to be inserted again into a new insect body. Awareness is present in a mayfly because of flow and only an eddy in that flow appears to keep W together through many lives.

After 33,000 cycles, bug life upon bug life, sitting in the vortex, the mayfly mind has an insight, ignorance dissipates for a moment like clouds clearing, and W sees the cycle for the first time, all the births and deaths spinning through time, and how the lives are connected because they arise from the same intelligent awareness.

W tacitly understands that what remains after death is what illuminates life, that which allows us to think and know ourselves when we are alive. As W rests, clinging to a piece of pond grass, wings drying in the sun, cool breeze blowing, feeling comfortable in an insect exoskeleton, there is such clarity, such a release, that a mayfly laugh lets loose, a cry, a shout, and W soars free into the blue sky.

The next time W wakes up he is wearing a human body.

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