A heap of rubble was found at the foot of the escarpment where W fell. A pile of debris seems like an appropriate symbol for how W managed things as a human on Earth; the big mess raising questions about: the effectiveness of the mayfly experience (did W really gain enough insight as an insect to perform as a human), the competence of the teaching staff in preparing the vessel (were moral precepts firmly installed in the student's habits), W's personal responsibility (why didn't the student embrace meditation, choosing to indulge personal desires instead), and what trajectory will be traveled by the residual energy that exited the student's body (what's next for W).

The human experience is brief - only with the good fortune of a healthy birth, supportive society, available teachers, a mind capable of critical thinking, money for necessities, and time for study and practice does one hope to discover their true nature.

W will get to be human again, but only under tighter controls and after he has once again met with her.

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