Waking up in between and the only familiar things W sees are blue silk scarves.

"Not your best showing," she teases. W winces in embarrassment and finally recognizes her by the resonance in her voice.

"I was set up to fail," W offers by way of excuses, "the student was corrupt and lazy when I got in there."

"You always have a choice..." her voice trailing away, "even if mind, habit, and memory say otherwise...never too late to wake up."

Appearing in person, caressing his cheek with one soft hand, touching his forehead with the other, she looks into W's eyes, he sees galaxies in hers and a light starting to rise, the brightening of an idea, he opens to whatever she is about to unveil knowing the next mission she sends him on will be even more demanding.

Taking gentle possession of W, her imposing presence signifying the gravity of the details she is about to transmit, her tone of voice making clear that this information is not to be shared, she reveals to W the details of the undertaking that is to become known as The North American Project (TNAP).

"It is an auspicious time to begin. Our diviners assure us that this period of relative quiet can't last and it is the right time to plant seeds. The bodhisattvas have great hope for the targeted time period but there are prodigious threats. You will be inserted into a white male middle class American body with the assignment to recognize and teach the dharma in the local language and through local rituals. Instead of arriving in ignorance, on this journey you will be given the divine power to remember that THIS exists; enlightened from birth, you will immediately access dharma and be able to consult with us. Many other travelers will be inserted for you to contact and together help awaken a critical mass. Will you willingly join this army and help?" she stops and watches as confusion and awe cover W's face.

"I know I owe you everything and that I can do better. It is my honor to serve now and wherever in the future you are going to project me. I'm ready to undertake this." W is scared but resigned, actually excited to have some definite role to serve, after all what more is there to say in the presence of one's deity but "yes" and "thank you?"

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