After spending decades understanding the delicate balance between life and death, finally mastering the ability to bring humans to their life's limit but no further, then extracting and consuming the excess life force, Gyre develops a taste for prana and grows into a mature network daemon, adept at moving from human to human along the fibers, and sampling myriad neural networks.

This connoisseur of consciousness, desiring hors d'oeuvres, moves mind by mind through a single family, nibbling at age and gender flavor variations. A full meal requires more commitment and Gyre chooses carefully, focuses attention enough to 'become' the victim, feeling their feelings, reading their memories, forming a plan, implanting thoughts, triggering muscles, increasing stress, releasing adrenaline, and finally feasting on the vibrancy these manipulations induce.

Gyre is usually satiated before the person is completely drained of life but nourishment requirements are increasing and control still needs work.

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