Peering into his mind, W encounters an array of dualities:

-He believes that he is an autonomous agent with free will, yet he is devoted to a deity that controls everything and lives everywhere, including inside him.

-Inseparable from a biological system whose health he depends on to breathe, eat, and grow, W sees that humans disregard Earth as an organism, neglecting responsibility to care for and replenish the resources they consume.

-He experiences human desires for comfort, possessions, prestige, power, knowledge, and peace of mind, realizing how easy it is to want those things without the willingness to provide the same for fellow humans, who, instead of being cared for, are regarded as threats to happiness and security.

-W finds it more and more difficult to ignore a fundamental duality, the difference between men and women. To regain equanimity, he sits and meditates on a corpse, reminding himself that all human life gets old, is impermanent, and decays, but he doesn't have the patience for that practice. All he can think about is the daughter of the cook.

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