These prana-based feedback loops function as interest bearing investments, paying out a set amount of consumable energy to Gyre at regular intervals, that is until the brains of the possessed humans get fried or Gyre's energy requirements grow too large for the network.

A feed-circle collapse leaves Gyre in a state of undress, like a molting crab without a shell, roaming the network in search of tasty hosts, reading the thoughts of whole households and communities. Trying to establish a new pod of feeders takes time and Gyre is still strong enough to care about taste.

Gyre dons a fashionable body and searches the minds of patrons at a local bar (slightly intoxicated minds are more malleable), sieves through inner dialogs, and tries to determine who each drinker is fantasizing about. The most desirable person usually has a large established network and Gyre finds a certain alpha male at the center of everyone's attention. Surely he can't be everyone's focus, but yea, the fibrous array visible to Gyre surrounds the man in a godlike formation, a web but with a void at the center. Confused by such an irregular pattern, Gyre immediately searches the fibers to infiltrate this alpha, the object of everyone's desire, but, for the first time since connecting to humans, Gyre cannot find a single thread to reach him.

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