Rose wants to share more about her journey but the bar is closing, their drinks are empty, and so much has already been said. W wants to know more about the consequences of the spider bite and Rose's meeting with Her but he also can't keep his eyes open. If it didn't forgive his actions, at least Rose's story has left him feeling at peace with his conduct towards her and with his actions in the past. They take the elevator silently, hand in hand to W's hotel room, sit down on the bed, kiss, and pass out in each other's arms fully dressed.

Waking up in the morning, hungover and awkward, taking turns showering, ordering room service waffles, and neither feeling any inclination to do anything but spend the day together, they pull back the covers on the bed to discover blue silk sheets. Emboldened by this apparent cosmic nod of approval, they consummate their centuries old romance, pledging to dedicate themselves to each other, and their mutual powers to TNAP.

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