W and Rose move quickly to solidify W's online presence before they run into any significant opposition. As they grow the brand, TNAP attracts more attention both good and bad. For no reason other than they are "non-christian", TNAP is labeled "socialist" by a group in Florida who start a campaign to cancel them. The group leader later admits in court that TNAP is an arbitrary choice - all they need is to find a smaller group with an opposing ideology to channel their followers hate toward - but the damage to TNAP is real and the trolls never leave. On top of this, YouTube changes policies and the once abundant cash flow from views significantly decreases.

Within two years, the sparkle of TNAP's novelty fades. W's message, however true, sounds repetitious to an attention starved, dopamine fed audience. The message needs more scope and context than the pure dharma teachings W got famous for. "What are we doing here?" asked Rose, "and what is at stake?"

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