Through borrowed human eyes, Gyre can see Alpha smiling, standing confidently amidst the drunken crowd at the bar, but cannot isolate his connecting fiber. No pathway exists through any of the humans at the bar and Gyre cannot generate one. Gyre is confused and reasons, "Humans are a linked species, their energies are entangled, they spawn lasting fibers, even through casual encounters thin residue remains, yet nothing is touching this person and he is not spinning any fibers out. Why is this person so different?" And the realization dawns - is this a non-human entity?!

Never having considered the existence of a being so similar, shocked to have discovered one, and suddenly uncertain about safety, Gyre instinctually withdraws and observes. Alpha moves deliberately through the room, dancing, drinking, and talking to a select crowd, and before each interaction is broken there are a few moments of eye contact, longer than a casual stare, and while Gyre can only perceive slight ripples in the field, concludes this must be how Alpha feeds. Gyre realizes that knowing more about Alpha is going to require fully embodying a human, gaining the inner circle, and looking into the eyes of this being. Gyre feels the closest thing a disembodied entity can feel to fear.

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