Resting in living soil, reflecting on last night's narrow escape, and trying to imagine the new world this discovery opens, Gyre spends the morning balancing the need for dense human neural nutrition, the desire to stay free and alive, and the benefits to be found in studying another non-human.

Sliding along the fibers and back into the human energetic network, it is relatively easy to locate the void that surrounds Alpha - a psychic black hole is hard to miss. Alpha can be seen by how completely he controls the consciousness of those around him. If a disembodied entity could shudder in fear...but even the possibility of being trapped in Alpha's orbit doesn't quell Gyre's curiosity.

"If I touch one of Alpha's minions," Gyre tries to put the story together, "something in their connection detects my penetration, stings me, and alerts the host - so unless I can defeat this reaction I can't work with those already converted. But maybe Alpha was at the club to hunt for new people. If I am already inside the mind of a human that Alpha accepts, maybe I will enter his circle through that conversion. I just need to find the right bait."

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