Moving from person to person, looking for bait while not being bait, trying to discover what special human characteristic attracts Alpha, Gyre is thinking, "I'll know it when I see it," but so far no success. Moving deeper into the turbulence, low in the noise spectrum, and approaching Alpha's periphery slowly, Gyre attempts another glimpse. If this pursuit has a positive side, Gyre's psychic sensitivities are being honed to discern finer perturbations in a much wider range of wavelengths.

Alpha finally makes a move. Sliding along the fiber without touching the human, Gyre witnesses a pattern, a chord of resonant frequencies that attract Alpha: weak third chakra, needing certainty, multiple fibers, suggestible, herd mentality, and comfortable when put in z-spaces. Gyre withdraws as a piercing noise approaches, avoiding another sting, and escaping detection.

Intel gathered, confidence building, plan forming.

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