Sitting in harmony, allowing angst, anxiety, worry, tightness, fear, melancholy, self-recrimination, lethargy, muscle relaxation, hope, optimism, contentedness, and joy move through his mind unimpeded and unexamined, noticing prolonged periods of silence without distraction, and emerging from equanimity, W seeks council with Her.

"Why is it that those who want to build things are always angsty and uncertain while those that want to destroy them seem so certain of their mission and carefree?" W wants to know.

Her reply is "Entropy"

W nods in agreement but fidgets while he waits for Her to elaborate, "The first principle is that new and different need lots of energy. From starting a fire to writing a computer operating system, creating a structure is expensive. The second principle is that once a structure is built, more energy is required to maintain it - fires go out, software rots. The third principle is that if we desire something, build something, or own something, we don't want to lose it so we spend even more energy to cling to it.

Angst and uncertainty are invited to arise at every step in the making process. How much will it cost, who will design it, will the design be award winning, what craftsmen will build it, how long will it take, how long will it last, will everyone adore it and therefore adore me...an endless list of ways to confuse your mind, create tightness around your heart and shorten your breath.

To destroy, on the other hand, is simple: pick something, break it, and walk away.

The irony is that, although these powerful paths seem irreconcilable, deep down construction and destruction are both creative."

W, bowing his head and thanking Her, returns to his studio full of ideas.

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