Practice becomes real. Rose opens a connection to Her - time for some girl talk. The kind of energetic exchanges that happily take hours and too many drinks at a bar between two close friends, friends who can share the intimate details of their relationships, secrets about other people's lives, and moments of sangfroid for exes, can all be communicated with Her through momentary eye contact. One glance tells the story. Covering all the required pleasantries in about three seconds, the topic turns to Rose's real worries about the growing attacks on TNAP.

After rambling on to Her about the hateful trolls, Rose thinks about how shallow the complaints sound. In the next moment she gets a serious reply from Her, "I know TNAP began as a teaching project, and it still is, except that now we are going to teach the trolls a lesson. A threat is arising, one you are connected to by ancient ties, and I am asking you and W to turn your attention there."

Surprised, scared, and a little bit excited, Rose listens attentively, "An organization is growing quickly, able to feed itself, aggressive, with non-human leadership. The movement is known only to those directly involved but a much larger public presence is imminent. Memetic war, mind control, emotional manipulation, and prana harvesting are part of their weaponry."

On hearing the last weapon Rose freezes, her head snaps back, and her eyes shoot upward, as if she could see the Headmaster spying on them.

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