A pas de deux of spirit and matter entangle Gyre and Marie.

Marie is sensitive enough to feel the living entity inhabiting her. Who directed her steps across the path of an important new client? Why do brilliant business ideas occur to her spontaneously in strategy sessions? When incidents like that happen, she calls the presence her protector. On other days, when she finds herself acting in ways that she knows are not of her own free will, the undeniable presence scares her.

There is a point reached when a disembodied non-human entity resides for so long in a human mind that the entity buys into the mental story and begins believing that they are the person. Gyre has unknowingly passed this point. Human life experienced persistently through the five senses and memories becomes reality to the experiencer. Wrapped up in the intricacies of millions of synaptic firings, the coursing of biochemicals released in batches, the pleasures and pains of the body, Gyre no longer needs the feeding circle of many humans and instead gains sufficient sustenance from careful attention to the tiny details of a single body's functioning.

Her hair, skin, teeth, blouse, skirt, heels, rings, handbag, the whole package is put together now. Marie will no longer be a victim because her protector has taught her to walk the fibers. Even with the executive position and salary of a much more experienced professional, no one is jealous or gossips about her. They believe she can see into their thoughts and they always agree to do what she says.

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