Rose facilitates, everyone participates.

No matter how many people gather in the theater, when everyone is deep in meditation they only know the same consciousness. This is where the play starts, in the merger, resting in awareness, everyone allowing Rose's intention to become theirs.

She spends the first passage of time collecting the audience's energy. Everyone is in a deeply restful state they will remember and long for later. Rose feeds on the prana to gain strength and focus her performance. She rests in the mind meld - intending to stay contained but knowing an undeniable impulse will soon arise to be shared.

Her first impulse is glee, pure joy, happy energy, and the audience erupts with laughter, everyone feels relief. This is followed immediately by peaceful contentment. Rose is happy because everyone is now in sync and they are ready to move forward.

There is no flavor better shared than genuine. Rose takes her time and does not follow a script. She will only go as far as the collective can handle. She strokes the cylinder of fibers and everyone feels the collective pulse. They are one being. Now she begins to feed energy back into the system, the cylinder functioning like a world tree. They feel the energy from their roots, see it running up through their bodies, leaving their heads, getting lost in the leaves of the cylinder, pulsing down the trunk of the cylinder to the roots again. A vast pool of energy belonging to no one and circulating through everyone.

After the cleansing, Rose slows down the flow of energy, refining the signal to be luminous, and lets the purity wash over and sanctify the crowd. Tears are common at this stage, as are faces of ecstasy and wide eyed stares. She checks pulses and brain signals. Sometimes she ends the show here - enough exposure for newbies, and brings them out of it, but tonight everyone is cool. There is a nice low vibe anchoring the room - an amused smile playing on the corners of the collective mouth. So she goes on.

To amplify the signal further, Rose asks for more from the audience; their resolve needs to be strengthened and egos diminished. A hard passage for some that requires giving and patience. Many peaceful moments pass; energy building, resting, building, resting, building. Reaching this blissful state should be the fulfillment of a lifelong meditative journey but tonight they are not stopping. The attitude in the room is calm anticipation, most of the audience are regulars and have been here before. The summit awaits.

After a timeless amount of time there is a presentiment of wonder, a tenfold upward jolt of energy, and off they go. Rose protects the audience, scanning bodies, making mental coherency checks, deep breaths with them on the high plateaus, bringing them so near that when the wave breaks she knows it is time, throws open the door, and reaches out for Her.

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