Having reached the peak of Rose's performance undistracted, mindful, and open to what arises, some audience members are able to connect and even have audiences with Her. Rose holds the space open. She finds satisfaction facilitating souls on their journey. No one ever regrets what happens but the experience is always unexpected - who could anticipate that they would see for a moment in their lives from a limitless perspective, that such a thing was possible.

W deliberately stays out of the theater when Rose performs. His own connection to Her can cause strange feedback when Rose is open. He meditates at a distance, watches the clock, and if things go past a certain time he enters the theater quietly through the stage door. After checking the progress of the performance and seeing the time is right, W puts on some soothing music, raises the lights to dim yellow, lowers the curtain, gently carries Rose to a bed in her dressing room, wakes up the ushers, and helps the audience get their stuff and shuffle out. TNAP vans are standing by when needed for rides. A few sleep over in the lobby.

The next day, those who know meet back in the theater to debrief and discuss. They can't wait to share. Rose's aftercare advice is always: hydration, relaxation, and a few weeks of integration.

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