Roy knows he's in deep shit. He can't go back to OGP and share what he's discovered without fatally exposing Rose. He can't stay either - without eventually confessing that he came to the performance planning to find ways to bring down the whole operation. He knows he won't betray Rose because he can't imagine helping to destroy his only way of touching Her again. He also knows he won't get back to Her if he keeps secrets from such a pure being even if revealing them could cost him what he wants the most.

Rose has her own dilemma. The day after the show she doesn't take her usual leisurely recovery because what she saw in Roy disturbed her. She wakes up early and starts tracing his hidden fibers. Rose's powers aren't great enough to travel the fibers and there she is lucky because she would likely not recover from one of Alpha's stings. What she is able to see scares her and makes her cautious - she can see that the energy behind Roy's fibers has the same pattern as the energy behind the internet trolls. Whatever controls the trolls is controlling Roy.

Rose knows that Roy has fallen in love with Her - everyone who encounters Her that closely does. So, she must ask herself, what is dharma in this situation? Is it within the cosmic balance to use Roy's love for Her as a tool for TNAP to root out and strike against the source of the trolls? What are the moral implications of controlling Roy through limiting his access to the deity he worships? Is there a moral use of pain? How does one fairly decide what is the greater good?

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