OGP regroups.

Alpha walks into the meeting wearing a younger body. The day before it belonged to a member of Rose's audience. After making the jump to the new body just after being hit, Alpha was able to walk right out of the theater unsuspected while everyone was surrounding his old body still bleeding on the floor.

Roy is present, sorrowful, and being held on a tight mental tether. Marie doesn't take betrayal lightly. She's not so pissed off that Roy fell for another woman, he was always weak and horny and has cheated on her before. What gets to her is that, through the use of Gyre's powers, she can see that the love he feels for Rose is unlike anything he ever felt for her when they were together.

Looking more closely, she can see his love extends beyond Rose, beyond space, and beyond time. She sees that Roy has felt the ecstasy of merging with a non-human power and this infuriates her. After he loved a goddess, Marie knows she will never be enough for Roy - even thought she'd never take him back anyway.

Marie is able to lash Roy without moving a muscle by activating the pain centers in his brain. It hurts him just as much as leather would. Falling into delirium, Roy's mind drifts back to when they lived together and the way he used to beat Marie. Before passing out he hears his own voice tell her, "You're no better than me."

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