Rose sits quietly amidst turbulence and contemplates her next step. She thinks about the consequences of her performances and how many minds were opened to dharma. What are the actions she should take moving forward that will benefit the most and harm the least?

When she teaches awakening, she wants her students to mature, become responsible for their thoughts and actions, be the adults guiding society, act with others as a collective to optimize the human systems operating in the world, and be grown up enough to function in such a group.

When Her teachings are misunderstood, students become goal oriented; romanticizing enlightenment, desiring accolades, imagining bliss, and coveting the legendary powers.

When Rose can't continue, the responsibility falls to those who have attained maturity take up Her cause. They keep the TNAP acronym but are careful not to use the word dharma. Instead they turn to scientific reason and point out with impeccable logic why more people waking the fuck up is a good way to preserve human life and lessen suffering.

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