Gathering, sharing, and seeking, the audience logs in for the next session and Rose does not disappoint. Their VR rigs have eyephones for visuals, earphones for audio, haptics for tactile feedback, various canisters to release tastes and smells inside a mask, and quantum transducers at the base of the skull to stimulate chemical secretions in the brain via the central nervous system. The rigs create such a realistic simulation that if Rose gives you life as a leaf on a tree, you'll swear you've learned to photosynthesize.

Rose's three goals for these sessions are: instilling empathy, dissolving individual boundaries, and creating such a deep bond with the fragility and majesty of ecological systems that an irrevocable love for all life spontaneously arises.

Rose begins the night gathering everyone into a nucleus of a cell of an apple tree seed. Each participant becomes a genome on a strand of DNA in the nucleus. The VR suits monitor vital signs, gestures, reactions, and brainwaves - feeding that information back into the simulation where it affects the development of the plant.

Their first activity is to figure out how to germinate.

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