The adversarial alliance between TNAP and OGP dominates the media. Every broadcaster and podcaster has an opinion to share. Sides are passionately argued in bars and on social media. Each group rallies their followers against the other side, securing their loyalty, and raising lots of money in the process. With all the donations pouring in, volunteers lining up to help their cause, and online venues selling must-have merch, both camps are making a good living off this struggle.

The Headmaster throws his head back and laughs, watches the self-sustaining, mobius-like flow, and allows his minions to continue wreaking havoc despite casualties because he feeds without effort on the prana that this positive feedback loop emits. Life is easy for the Headmaster but how is the support and perpetuation of anti-dharma acceptable to Her?

We learn here that Her perspective is more encompassing. Her highest value is creativity. Construction and destruction are equally creative. For everything made, something is destroyed and for whatever is destroyed, something comes into being. Dynamic equilibrium is a naturally emergent form sacred to Her.

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