Catching Alpha was never going to be easy. Rose clings to the light but Alpha lurks in the dark. Sometimes he slips through the cage and stings her. She tightens the cage and begins to deprive him of energy. Roy turns pale.

Each time Alpha rattles the cage it tears at Rose but the real damage is happening to Roy's energy body. Rose created the cage to feed on Roy and it starts to suck life out of Alpha, too. Feeling trapped, Alpha tunnels through a fiber and Rose is stung at her core. Her grip loosens and Alpha slips out of the cage. W is there to pin him down again but they know this won’t last. Abandoning the power defense, Rose and W change frequency and merge into Roy's subtle body.

Please don't imagine that flesh and bone bodies are being put through these contortions. In the energetic world everything is a field - each person is like a uniquely colored light filling space. The human bodies of Rose, Roy, and W are lying on the floor of a midtown studio apartment in NYC but their collective energies are flying through walls and furniture like cell phone signals; existing everywhere, arriving from nowhere, and only interacting with the right receivers.

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