The Headmaster peers into his scrying mirror and doesn't like what he sees. He hardly recognizes Rose. This fine warrior couldn't be the daughter of his cook, could she? The girl he remembers scurrying around his school centuries ago? But her vibratory signature is unmistakable. How could he have overlooked such a pure signal? Back then he led an academic culture that was not capable of taking a promising female student seriously - to his peril now.

The Headmaster lines up his forces around the perimeter, ready to strike Rose down, but can he really order her destruction when the only thing he wants to do is spend time studying and appreciating her pattern? He loses himself in a reverie and by instinct dips into the mirror and takes a quick sip of her prana. Heavenly! The source of her energy is otherworldly. He must possess Her alive.

Preparing for battle, Rose basks in Her light, exploiting the direct connection she has to source. While in this deep trance Rose feels a slight pinch, some tightening of the fibers, a leak? The answer comes swiftly from Her as the defensive membranes tighten all around. High alert! They simultaneously realize that someone is spying on them.

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