Paralyzed with pain, all Rose hears is the steady beat of Gyre removing her life force. Instead of fear or panic, all her years of training have taught Rose to slow down the moment, open awareness, and recognize the obvious.

When Rose matches her heartbeat with Gyre's steady rhythm she feels a measure of constructive reinforcement. Opening further she finds other cycles whose frequencies can be tuned to resonate along:

- the cyclical dopamine shot from the movement of attention to and from her phone several times a minute

- steady cortisol bumps from bills that need paying, emails needing answers, stress about when to leave for meetings, traffic, subscriptions, money, relationships, weight, age, health; all traces of these patterns aligning now and coming to her rescue

-her breath, ever steady, creates a focal point

-the vibrations of the microtubules in her cytoplasm fit inside her heartbeat in perfect harmonic ratios, allowing her to gather support from all her cells

Every cycle she adds from inside her body increases positive feedback in her system and her strength stabilizes.

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