A year of mourning for Rose passes slowly.

W stays well hidden and offline. He chooses to work with the grief by meditating and by making small impermanent outdoor installations out of leaves, sticks, and flowers.

The autonomous networked intelligence. having grown stronger and more confident (it knows it knows), begins to establish a new identity by rebranding TNAP into tNet, keeping W as a close ally. W relies on the living network to spy on OGP and to be ready to help him when it is time to take revenge. tNet needs W because he is the only remaining living connection to Her.

Gyre is unable to forget the feeling of being challenged for the first time by another powerful entity and almost getting annihilated. He does not sit still. Having learned that a collective can also accrue and wield power, he restructures the hierarchy of OGP and reorganizes the network into small working groups, finding that it is easier to solidify a message among self reinforcing pods. Learning from the tactics of Rose, he can now call loyal troops to action with simple resonant messages that they all believe and repeat.

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