tNet appeals to W for help. The waves of false propaganda OGP is pushing through social media are creating continual uncertainty amongst the followers, breaking the concentration of emerging networks, and weakening resonance. W must draw more deeply from Her and share more widely Her grounding and equanimity. Exhausted from channeling energy all day, W is running late for satsang. As he waits impatiently for the elevator, W wonders "Who chooses a life of chaos?"

Marie doubles the OGP advertising budget - the new campaign is working. The tNet resonance that was waking up people to reason and critical thinking has been broken by spreading multiple streams of misinformation. She has learned that simpler, half-truths in multiple spin directions are even more effective than a single conspiracy fantasy and more spreadable. Leaving for a late dinner uptown with donors, she reflects, "Who still clings to such a thing as truth?"

He hears the two sounds that signal the subway doors are closing. W leaps over the last three steps to the platform and takes two large strides to try and make the train but for all his effort ends up slamming hard against the closed doors. The thump startles Marie, sitting across the car. Looking up she recognizes W through the doors just as he looks in and recognizes her. She breaks into a grin and a half wave. He exhales and manages a smile; not breaking eye contact as the train pulls away. W grabs the next train, looks left and right outside the doors at every stop on his way uptown, but Marie is nowhere to be found.

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