By navigating the narrow passages, the subtle insights, the diffuse states of mind that can easily fall into distraction, deepening concentration, and keeping all the members balanced between attention and peripheral awareness, W guides the group to an expanse between Earth and sky, with each individual in bloom, and presents them to Her as a single bouquet.

W is astonished that he was able to find the way, to lead the group, and to bring everything to fruition. Her presence is his reward and he rejoices.

"You don't think you got here all by yourself, do you?" Rose's voice teases in his ear.

If the voice is an auditory hallucination from his inner critic, W is glad to know he can still be humbled. He prefers to think that what he feels is Rose's residual energy still circulating and that the remainder of her life potential is watching over him while communing with Her.

Marie is part of this, too. What is happening to her is nothing less than a total surprise. She never fathomed that such a thing existed, that such a state is real, or that something of this magnitude could have hidden in plain sight. No human being alive can be present with this and not fall in love. Marie abandons OGP's plan but it goes forward anyway because Gyre isn't human.

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