The thick concrete walls of Manhattan's office towers present no obstacles to Gyre leaping from human to human via the fibers that connect all lifeforms. Systematically surveying the residents of the city for any sympathetic vibratory resonance with tNet, Gyre is supposed to map the enemy nodes and look for ways to deaden the harmonies. In practice the search is for one individual. Gyre has been self-tasked with discovering W because Marie, who shares a body with Gyre, is unable to remove his image from their combined memory.

Gyre peers into one individual after another, finally picking up a faint scent of tNet. One of the original followers of Rose sits in front of her screen in silent reverence, after a short period of silence rings a small bell, and then opens up a Zoom window. Each of the small rectangles on her screen contains a node of tNet and no words are necessary, they sit, building up the vibrations, allowing the intelligence that emerges from their collective efforts to inform and guide them. Gyre samples a taste of this bespoke energy and almost merges in the sweetness.

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